Ascend into your Light Leadership, Make Impact With Your Message, Magnetize Your Soulmate Clients

Transform from Light Worker to Light Leader

Let me guess

You dream of

Leading a community filled with high vibe clients that *love* your work (and can afford you)

To finally be FREE of the fears that are keeping you small

To understand your VALUE as a light leader

and live a life in alignment with your soul instead of trying to please everyone else. 

The formulas haven’t worked

The ads haven’t made you money and hey – the courses probably didn’t help either.

This program is different because it doesn’t focus on the end result…

It focuses on YOU and where you are at now.

Through your energy you can build your business.

And not just any business…

One that can SERVE THE WORLD and RAISE THE VIBRATION of the planet.

PLUS >>> You get to tap into your cash flow frequency and finally start receiving.

The world needs more LIGHT (especially yours!).

Did you know?

The reason your business isn’t actually making you any money OR the clients aren’t showing up is actually from an energy imbalance?

When there are blocks in your energy field the external pieces can’t flow. You can have the perfect website, opt-in, and all the spiritual certifications you want…. BUT — if your energy and aura aren’t strong, none of those things will matter.

The key component most of us are lacking is the energetic vibration.

Before we ascend together, let’s get to know each other.

Hey Light Leader!

I AM Brianna Rose.

A lover of transformation, all things WOO, and I’m here to change your life.

In the ‘OMG [pinch me] is life really this good?’ Kinda way.

You see, it wasn’t so long ago I was exactly where you are right now.

Trying to blend all of my gifts together. Afraid to share my voice. Worrying what people would think of me.

And all around stressing the EFF out about what my next steps were.

I had high months where money was good and low months where I was hitting up the good ole’ job search wondering if this path was really for me.

Am I hitting home yet?

The simple answer to all of your questions is:

YOU are special. YOUR work is needed. YOU WILL be successful.

and you can DO IT ALL.

Stress-free. Being [abundantly] you. Living the life you could only dream about.

You ready, sister?

XO Brianna Rose

Aligning with Abundance.

You’ve probably done the energy work.

Spent time in meditation.

And have been manifesting without any results…

Deep in your cellular memories and aura holds the key to unlocking your success factor.

When you have traumas, limiting beliefs, or even karmic memories passed down to you, they lay dormant within our energetic field (aka the aura).

This is our projection to the outer world.

The old patterns, beliefs and stories.

When we can witness these behaviors AND release them, our whole energetic presence shifts.

Rise up – Accept your gifts – Make Impact – Earn massively.

It can be that easy.

How the magic works…

This 6-week light-leading program was created to treat the energy of your business so you can hone in on your power, created aligned offerings, and finally make the money you deserve.

Success + Abundance are vibrations that we all can shift into.

(yes, even YOU!)

 Through this sacred program you’ll be able to self diagnose your energy, become a witness to your patterns, and finally release yourself from them.

A clear projected aura can enhance your business and online presence. When you can show up in a powerful way you command the energy to you (aka the clients) instead of hustling for them. Your energy is like a magnetic pulling opportuntiies for you. Everything that is happening in your life and business right now are mirrors for your current energetic state.

Stuck in the fear zone? Struggling to earn? Wondering how to communicate what it is that you do?

Shift your energy, heal the story, and RISE into your Light Leadership

It’s time to stop hustling and start RECEIVING, sister.

This is how you make impact on the planet — through your energetic signature.

The 6 Pillar Path to Business Enlightenment

Through this program you will gain access to videos, guides, master energy healings, kundalini kriyas, and implementation to work through the 6 core pillars of The Ascension Academy on top of the weekly group coaching calls. #Huzzah


We will begin by stripping you down energetically and understanding the vibration of your current energetic state. Your energy is the foundation for your business. In this module you will learn how to witness the stories, beliefs, and patterns that are blocking you from aligning with abundance.


In this module you will unlock your souls true purpose. Our net-worth is reflected by our self worth.  Through this sacred acceptance of your purpose you will learn how to tune into your enough-ness and understand your value as a light leader.


Often times we create offers, programs, and services from a place of hustle and lack. In this module you will learn how to witness when you are in and out of alignment with your soul. Creating inner and external congruency is key to developing your soul-based business.


As Light Leaders we are multi-passionate entrepreneurs with a variety of psychic gifts. In this module you will learn how to develop your intuitive gifts and blend them into your business.


Feeling all the feels and wondering how to tune in without tuning out of yourself? I got you! In this module you will learn how to set healthy boundaries with clients and energy protection tools so you can show up BIG in client sessions.


Co-creating with the Universe, Stepping into your role as a Light Leader, and Sharing your gifts with the world. In this module you will learn how to amplify the vibration of your business and make impact with your message.


In each module you’ll gain access to my videos, guides, master energy clearing, kundalini kriyas, and implementation to work through the 6 core pillars of The Ascension Academy.

You won’t be just a number.

Every week there will be 2 LIVE 60 minute group coaching sessions inside of our private Facebook group where every one will receive laser focused coaching from me. There will be massive sisterhood support inside of our group to connect with your fellow light leaders and expand into your energetic essence.

To preserve the energy and intimate support, only 12 Light Leaders will be inside of the program.

Want to be one of them?

Click the button to schedule your [free] 1:1 call with Brianna Rose to learn more about The Ascension Academy.

You feel it deep in your soul.

That inner knowing that you’re meant for more.

You know there is a business deep inside of you that is meant to be shared.

This is your sign.

It’s time.

Your intuition led you here.

What people are saying

 “I feel like I have this secret weapon that allows me to be confident, empowered and a leader in my industry.”

 “I was amazed by how much of my business was directly related to what was going on internally.”

 “Don’t even think twice about working with Brianna. Just do it. You will forever be changed”

Through working with Brianna I’ve busted through so many blockages and now have been able to energetically hold my dream office space. She’s so incredible and able to intuitively know what is needed in your business to become a leader in your industry. She will help to skyrocket your business and take you to the highest level!

Elizabeth Martin

Licensed Acupuncturist, Hands on Acupuncture & Massage Therapy, P.C.

After working with Brianna I have clarity in my vision. I was a bit of scatter brain – and she helped me to get clear and stream line my services. I now have confidence in myself to get out there and do the work! Brianna is such a special light, with so much knowledge and relatable. She puts her heart in her work and it shows.

Kacie Grace

Spiritual Guide for Self Love, Guided by Grace Wellness

After working with Brianna I feel confident in my business, capable of success and like I’ve stepped into an alternate reality where I’m already living in my dreamed business state! She has a POWERFUL presence, and has led me like a teacher and met me as a friend. I always look forward to meetings with Brianna and leave feeling COMPLETELY transformed.

Maddie Elise

Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Maddie Elise Nutrition

It’s safe to let your light filled armor down.

I see you and I love you.

Come inside + rise with me.

Click the button to schedule your [free] 1:1 call with Brianna Rose to learn more about The Ascension Academy.


Will I receive 1:1 coaching?

YES! There are 2 60 minute LIVE group coaching calls per week (12 total). During those sessions everyone will have the opportunity to have 1:1 support from me.

What if I can't attend the coaching calls?

All group coaching will be recorded and replays will be available.

When does the program start?

March 19th 🙂

Am I good fit for the program?

Any entrepreneur who is looking to build their business with soul, is looking to make more impact with their message, or tap into a higher prosperity potential would benefit from this program.

How do I gain access to the modules?

On March 19th everyone will be given access to the modules.

Is this a self guided program?

Yes and No. This is a 6 week program with 6 modules and 12 group coaching calls. It’s up to you have quickly you move through the program and how many coaching calls you attend.

Is this a LIVE program?

Yes! This is a LIVE 6 Week Group Coaching Program. Included are 6 online modules filled with videos, guides, meditations, and more to implement the 6 core pillars of the Ascension Academy PLUS LIVE Group Coaching with Laser Focused support from me. I will also have office hours inside of our private Facebook Group for additional support.

If you have more questions..

Schedule a free call by clicking here.

You are meant to

Rise into your ascension.

Embody your leadership.

Change the vibration of the planet.

Let’s do this, sister.

See you inside!


Brianna Rose

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