The Energetic Pattern of Your Business

Lately I’ve been working on the energy side of my business and sharing it with my clients. And it got me thinking… Have you ever thought about the energetic pattern of your business? Wait. WHAT? Have you heard about this? Did you ever realize that the...

Saying YES when you mean NO

Over the past year I’ve been working on saying NO. Many times I’d say YES to people when deep down I wanted to say no. [perks of being the Angel Archetype, am i right?] I found myself > taking on clients I knew weren’t the right fit > going...

The REAL Reason why Clients aren’t booking

I’ve been noticing a reoccurring theme lately for my clients that USED to be a major issue for me. [this is a long read that you will WANT to read till the end. pinky swear.] CLIENTS NOT BOOKING. sound familiar? let’s set the scenario… You create...

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