Connecting to your truth, becoming a light leader, and building a business based on YOUR energy.

You are the guru you have been searching for

Let me guess

You’re hustling without the flow.

You’re manifesting without the results.

You’re sharing without receiving.

You’re lost . Falling into the fear

and ready for a C H A N G E.

You are a powerful Light Leader.

It’s time to…

Tap into your prosperity potential

LIVE your wildest dreams

A C T I V A T E your business

HEAL at a deep soul level so your business get

f i n a l l y become everything you want it to be

… and more.

Get ready for total Mind-Body-[Soul] Business Alignment.

But first, let’s get to know each other.

Follow me.

Heyyy Babe!

I AM Brianna Rose.

A lover of transformation, all things WOO, and I’m here to change your life.

In the ‘OMG [pinch me] is life really this good?’ Kinda way.

You see, it wasn’t so long ago I was exactly where you are right now.

Trying to blend all of my gifts together. Afraid to share my voice. Worrying what people would think of me.

And all around stressing the EFF out about what my next steps were.

I had high months where money was good and low months where I was hitting up the good ole’ job search wondering if this path was really for me.

Am I hitting home yet?

The simple answer to all of your questions is:

YOU are special. YOUR work is needed. YOU WILL be successful.

and you can DO IT ALL.

Stress-free. Being [abundantly] you. Living the life you could only dream about.

You ready, sister?

XO Brianna Rose

It’s time to connect with your souls purpose.

Unlock your gifts.

Allow your intuition to be your guide.

Build a business from the inside out.

Because, sister, that’s how it should be done.

No fluff. Just pure transformation at a deep cellular level.

This is for the dreamers who are ready to change the world.

Who don’t want to hide anymore.

For the women who are ready for a CHANGE and COMMITTED to aligning with their life’s work.

We need you.

Activation . Transformation . Vibration .

It all begins with you.

This 6-month deep dive work is BEYOND funnels, framework, and sales.

It’s a journey of the soul. Healing from the inside and expanding on the outside.

You can say all of the affirmations you want.

Build the most perfect sales funnel.

Have the most beautiful website.


If your energy is holding you back then nothing else will matter.

Your energy is the blueprint for your business.

Patterns . Limiting Beliefs . Karma .

It’s ALL part of the big picture.

This is HOLISTIC Business Building.

Where we honor your soul and energy first.

Birth Chart Reading

The stars literally stopped when you were born. They layout the framework of your energy and how to work the cosmos for your highest good.

Intuitive Business Coaching

Learn how to become your own guru + a witness to your LIGHT. Together we’ll ‘go-there’ and dive deep into the soul of your business. Clarity of purpose, Full Body Business Alignment, Soulmate Client attraction here we come!

Kundalini Yoga + Meditation

Kundalini ignites your healing and aides in tapping into your prosperity potential. This is the game changer you’ve been searching for.

Energy Healing

Energy Healing that is made for YOU. Release limiting beliefs , step into your power, heal karma, emerge as the light leader that you [already] ARE.

You’ll receive a planetary formula for the next season of your business.

You’ll receive 12 60 minute 1:1 sessions curated to the energetic blueprint of your biz.

You’ll receive a customized Kundalini Kriya to elevate your energy + magnetize your community.

You’ll receive monthly energy healings to assist you on your ascension.

After each session you’ll receive an ACTIVATION List curated to you + our work together plus unlimited e-mail support for the ‘WTF’ moments.

Click the button to schedule your [free] Shakti Activation Session to see if we’re an energetic match.

This is your opportunity to step into next level Light Leadership.

What people are saying

 “I feel like I have this secret weapon that allows me to be confident, empowered and a leader in my industry.”

 “I was amazed by how much of my business was directly related to what was going on internally.”

 “Don’t even think twice about working with Brianna. Just do it. You will forever be changed”

Through working with Brianna I’ve busted through so many blockages and now have been able to energetically hold my dream office space. She’s so incredible and able to intuitively know what is needed in your business to become a leader in your industry. She will help to skyrocket your business and take you to the highest level!

Elizabeth Martin

Licensed Acupuncturist, Hands on Acupuncture & Massage Therapy, P.C.

After working with Brianna I have clarity in my vision. I was a bit of scatter brain – and she helped me to get clear and stream line my services. I now have confidence in myself to get out there and do the work! Brianna is such a special light, with so much knowledge and relatable. She puts her heart in her work and it shows.

Kacie Grace

Spiritual Guide for Self Love, Guided by Grace Wellness

After working with Brianna I feel confident in my business, capable of success and like I’ve stepped into an alternate reality where I’m already living in my dreamed business state! She has a POWERFUL presence, and has led me like a teacher and met me as a friend. I always look forward to meetings with Brianna and leave feeling COMPLETELY transformed.

Maddie Elise

Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Maddie Elise Nutrition

 If you’re ready for a deep-dive soul business immersion this is for you.


T H I S is your sign.

Listen to the call . Listen to the feeling . Listen to Y O U .

Your intuition led you here.

Click the button to schedule your [free] Shakti Activation Session to see if we’re an energetic match.

It’s time to shine bright.

Bring forward your SAT NAM

Activate your business shakti.

Let if flow through you.

See you SOON!


Brianna Rose

Chakra Business Activation

In this [free] 7-Day Activation you’ll learn the tools to Heal Your Biz from the INSIDE O U T.

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