I know you, I see you.

You’re a powerful light leader who’s hiding behind her laptop afraid of truly stepping out into the online world.

You radiate through social media and touch hearts of many… but when it comes to design you’re lost.

Your website should move you. It’s a reflection of your soul.

The world is so ready for your light.

When you align your business with the moon anything can happen.

You hit the sweet spot of surrender + trust.

You release the fear of the unknown

And you allow yourself to tap into the vibration of abundance.

Soulmate clients show up

Hellloo moon child sister!

I AM Brianna Rose – your new business B F F and Intuitive Brand Stylist. So nice to meetcha’!

I am here to channel your energy and transform it into design.

I help heart-centered soulpreneurial women get noticed online.

Through intuitive design we’ll capture the hearts + eyes of your soulmate clients and attract them into your world.

Everything I create is designed just for YOU.

Under the energy of the moon we create brand m a g i c to vibrate with the cosmos and amplify your message.


Design is a healing process.

You’ll find out who you truly are.

It sets you free

It allows people to connect with you

It holds your words.

It’s a vessel for your voice – your vibration.

Design makes you feel something.

It awakens that inner voice that says “Yes, I need to work with her”.

Don’t sell yourself short with DIY design.

You deserve more.

Your brand deserves more.

Your online presence is your digital home.

It should reflect you.

Each month I take TWO light leaders on a ceremonious journey of birthing their business. We dance between the divine feminine and masculine to bring your brand to life.


Underneath the energy of the New Moon your business magic begins. Intentions are set and manifestations are brought to life. Our souls connect through an in-depth survey and we meet virtually so I can read your energy. Your energetic signature [aka logo] is brought to life mixed with a aura infused color palette.

Your brand gets fully activated during our 60 minute intuitive business coaching sessions [there’s two of them!]. We go super deep to define the identity of your brand + crack open your throat chakra.

Your energy is infused into every page designed. Sacred Kundalini Mantras are played, oracle cards are pulled, and high vibe designed is created just.for.YOU.

We seal our sacred time together with a Full Moon business energy clearing to magnetize your soulmate clients.

Vibration . Integration . Activation.

Launching with La Luna is calling your name [and soul!]

Design holds your energetic vibration.

Together, we’ll create energy infused branding that is at the energetic frequency of your clients to attract them in.

Moon magic is your secret superpower.
It’s what brings you to the next level.

We’ll talk about spirit guides just as openly as we talk about your opt-in.

Because sister, that is the key to true success.

we’ll hop on a call to see if this is an energetic match for us! 

the specifics

Channeled Logo Design

  • Soul Connection Design Survey
  • 30 Minute Design Call to go over survey and design aesthetic
  • Custom mood board and color palette that will radiate your energy.
  • 2 Logo Concepts, 2 sets of revisions to chosen concept
  • Custom Color Palette and Font Pairing

5 Page Energy Infused WordPress Website

  • A full functional and mobile optimized website
  • 30 minute LIVE Tutorial on how to use your site (will be recorded) 
  • Favicon design
  • 1 opt-in pop-up.
  • 14 Days of Support after launch

Intuitive Business Coaching Sessions

  • We’ll use this time to go over the flow of your website
  • Discuss captivating ways to magnetize your clients
  • Go over content / develop your brand voice
  • Address any other branding/business development related questions

Brand Magic

  • Mantra Infused Design
  • Oracle Design Reading
  • New Moon Intention Ceremony
  • Full Moon Energy Clearing

What people are saying

Brianna brought my inner vision for my brand into reality, and created a beautiful website that is in full alignment. She has the ability to see her clients, and perfectly capture their vibe, without ever even meeting in person.

Jenn Peterson, PhD

Owner, Clarity Wellness Project

Brianna created a sensational channeled logo for me and my business! She effortlessly tapped into my vibration and helped ne see myself in ways you I hadn’t been able to access. She is the perfect combo of soul meets strategy!

Nicole Casteel

Energy and Sound Healer, Mentor and Coach

You were not born to blend in

and your business shouldn’t either. 

If you’re ready for a complete up-level of your branding for the next evolution of your business or a powerful beginning for your brand Launching with La Luna is your next step.

we’ll hop on a call to see if this is an energetic match for us! 


Who do you work with?

I work with soul-spirited heart-centered women who are ready to shine their light online.

Typically they are …

  • Yogis
  • Coaches
  • Sound Healers
  • Energy Healers
  • Holistic Medicine Practitioners
  • … YOU

What payment methods do you accept?

All payment is handled through PayPal 🙂

What is your design style?

I looooove mixing clean design with warm, heart-centered pieces. I tend to thrive with sacred geometry, flowy whimsicalness, and warm, yummy, soul stirring design.

Do I need a self-hosted WordPress Website?

Yes, I design for only self-hosted WordPress.org sites. If you need help transferring a website please let me know and I can send you a separate quote.

If you have more questions...

Schedule a *free* activation call by clicking here. 

You landed here for a reason.

It would be an honor to take on this ceremonial branding journey with me.

You’re ready, sister.

I know it. I feel it.

See you soon,


Brianna Rose

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