I’m hiring a lead coach to support and mentor along side me inside of my programs 🙂

You’ll be nurturing my epic clients, coaching them through the process of business building through energetic mastery, light content writing, and above all — being their shoulder for support. You’ll be like their business fairy godmother offering love, support and guidance as they transform into their higher selves inside of the powerful container we create in our programs.

This position allows you to step into a lead coaching position and truly make impact , aka the reason why you probably started your business, without worrying about the logistics that come along with being an entrepreneur 🙂 

I’m looking for the perfect, magnetic light beam to compliment my Scorpio New Yorker Style to raise the vibration of the planet and change the lives of my light leading clients!! 

This position is for you if you are:

> A natural conversation starter

> You dream about being apart of a company that is heart-centered and is changing lives

> Love sisterhood and being apart of a community

> Supportive and tend to be ‘the one’ your friends go to for advice

> Incredibly attentive to the needs of others

> Naturally intuitive and knows how to support people without them having to say anything (third eye + heart chakras wide open!)

> High Achiever + Self Starter

> Growth oriented + exceeds expectations

> One of those people who lights up the room 


> Have Libra in your chart

> Are a Manifestor or Manifesting Generator according to Human Design

> Has a background in energy work and transformational coaching

> Has experienced Kundalini Yoga + Meditation before

> Loves to LAUGH + make people smile

If this sounds like “you” I want you to know what it might look like for us to work together.

First off it’s going to be a TON of fun. I believe it making magic together combined with laughter and love.

But we will also WERK.

I have high expectations and expect you to show up BIG to support my clients. If you’re not ready to show up with your A++ game and have the energetic strength to hold my clients in a powerful, transformational container … then it probably won’t be a good fit.

This is an epic opportunity to be apart of my team of Light Leaders as we scale to 7 figures and beyond. 

You will be leading and mentoring my clients inside of our programs. This is a sacred position and I take this work seriously, as should you 🙂

IF this position feels like a full body yes, here’s what to do:

Send an email to [email protected]  or submit the application below with the subject line:


And in the body share:

  1. How you know me + my world 
  2. Why you’re interested in this position
  3. What specific experience you’ve had in the past that makes you a perfect fit for this position
  4. What you’re looking for in this position (what your dream experience looks like)
  5. Where do you want to be in 3 years from now
  6. What would be the first 3 things you’d suggest I start doing in my business?
  7. Why are you the best person for this role?
  8. What do you admire about my work and business as a whole?
  9. Your website, Instagram, and Facebook URLs (or anywhere else I can scope out your online presence)
  10. Something silly about yourself 🙂 

13 + 1 =

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