The Soulpreneurs Guide To Building a Spiritual Business

Well, Hello Beautiful!

I’m so psyched you’re here.

Congratulations on investing in yourself and telling the Universe you are ready to UP-LEVEL your business + life.

Be prepared for things to start to shift for you.

Really, Really good things.

I can’t wait to help you bust through your business blocks + teach you how to build a successful, spiritual business.

Let’s get started, shall we?

Lesson 1 – Sacred Economics

How to bust through your money blockages + find your purpose.

In this lesson you will learn how to get grounded in your purpose, heal your finances, price your services, and become a money magnet.





Your root is the foundation of your business and rules your finances, security, and purpose.






Archangel Michael is a powerful angel who helps us find our purpose. By working with him we are able to clean up our money fears and step into our power.




“I am open to creative forms of abundance”

“I attract clients that serve my highest good”

“I deserve to be paid for my services/products”

“What I offer to the world is of high value”

“It is safe for me to be successful”

“The world needs my gifts”

“Money flows to me with grace and ease”


Action List

  1. Get CLEAR on your purpose.
    • If you could do ANYTHING what would you do?
    • How does that differ from what you’re doing now?
  2. Change your money-mindset
    • Where did you learn your money behaviors from?
    • How do these behaviors condition your view on pricing
  3. Focus on your value
    • What are you giving to the world?
    • Time = Energy – how much are you putting out?
  4. Self-worth = Net-worth
    • The more you love and accept yourself, the more your clients will too
    • Charge based off of feeling
      1. What feels natural for you?
      2. Who is paying you this?
        • Hold this vision for this client
        • Know them
        • Understand them
        • Come into vibration with them

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