The Soulpreneurs Guide To Building a Spiritual Business

Hiya Babe!!

We have officially reached the “psychic” part of your business. I can’t wait for you to learn these sacred tools to unlock the key to your manifesting mojo and hold the vision for your brand.

Your 3rd Eye has some pretty radical business benefits such as:

  • The ability to see the future of your business
  • A deep sense of “knowing” what to do
  • Create a sacred space to call in your dream clients
  • A deeper connection to yourself
  • Make decisions from a place of “knowing” vs. fear
  • Connection to your business guides + angels
  • Sacred Support from your Angels
  • Visions + Creative Flow
  • Actionable ideas

and the list goes on.

Let’s get started!!

Lesson 6 – Sacred Sight

Developing your psychic team

In this lesson you will learn how to receive messages from your team of business angels and hold the vision for your brand.




Also known as Ajna or our 6th chakra. This center allows us to psychically see and connects us to our intuition. Whenever you’ve had a “gut feeling” about something that was your third eye sending you a message. The gift of this chakra is the ability to see our inner and outer worlds.

The Third Eye is my favorite chakra to work with because it allows us to connect with spirit. With it open and balanced we can check in with our team of business guides and ask for advice. This area also gives us the opportunity to hold the vision for our business. As the late Wayne Dyer said, “You’ll see it when you believe it”.

We have to get into the energy of our business by seeing our goals, planning them, and holding the vision to occur. I’ve spent hours in meditation visioning my business and have gained immense knowledge from these sessions. During this sacred time I also hold the vision for YOU to show up. I bring in my dream clients and I create the space for them. I allow myself to be a divine vessel for spirit and let them show me what YOU need. I’ve gained powerful insight from these meditations that have propelled my business in a way no other typically “business strategy” could.



Archangel Raziel allows us to connect to our clairvoyance aka our psychic sight. He helps us to see clearly and to develop our own psychic skill-set. We are all different which means so our are psychic senses. You might receive mental images in your mind’s eye, have vivid dreams, see angel numbers, or maybe even auras. These are all part of your clairvoyance! Trust the messages you receive and have fun connecting with your sacred team.



“I make decisions from a place of intuition”

“I am able to see clearly”

“My soul knows what to do”

“I create a sacred space for my clients to show up”

“I am deeply rooted in my business”

“I trust my inner guide”

“I am open to receiving”


Action List

  1. Working the Muscle
    • Practice opening your 3rd eye
      • You will begin seeing colors first, then people or situation
    • Write down any ideas, visions, or senses you might have immediately after
  2. Holding the vision
    1. Set your intention to receive information
      1. Ask your business guides to step forward
      2. Notice what visions come to mind and what you are shown
  3. Create a Sacred Space
    1. Set a space for your business magic occur
      1. This can be in your bedroom or office
      2. Fill it with items that light you up
    2. By setting an inspired space you are creating a portal of business information to come through
  4. Bust through creative blocks
    1. It’s normal to hit roadblocks in business.
      1. Your secret weapon are your business angels!
      2. Open your 3rd eye and ASK for help
        1. Ask to see things differently
        2. Ask for creative ideas


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