to my


There’s a part of my story that called you in here today. Your intuition was spiked and you followed the inner voice that said  ‘go here’.


You passed the first test of many from the Universe. You’re in the right place.

I look forward to sharing my story with you.


Brianna Rose

Hiiii sister!

I AM Brianna Rose.

There are many things I could say about myself.

Business Coach – Brand Stylist – Kundalini Consultant – Meditation Teacher … and so on.

I could go into my list of collegiate degrees and spiritual certifications.

But I won’t [at least for right now].

Without the pre-tense of my labels [or my name] at my core I’m a lover of the light. It guides my path and connects me to my purpose. I see people at their soul – their truth. It fuels me to activate their inner knowing and show them back home.

I see myself as a truth seeker. A channeler. A stream of divine consciousness embodied as Brianna Rose.

From a young age I always ‘knew’ things. At that time I didn’t know what clairvoyance was or why my dreams predicted the future.

But I knew I was different.

As you read along, pieces of my story will hit home. That’s why you’re here.  #LikeAttractsLike.

It all started with the undying need to want to see more than the physical. To understand the WHY behind the answers I was given. To know that there was something more. And to teach people how to activate their own inner light.

I’m a multi-passionate, always interested in learning more kinda’ person. I thrive on change. Which everyone always said was a ‘good thing’ buttt. it didn’t feel that way when I started my business.

My mind used to sound something like this…

Who am I?

What do I call myself?

What do I even do?

How can I blend all of my ideas?

Will I be successful?

I spent sooo much time looking outside of myself for validation. Online comparing was the norm’ and I found myself stuck in the judgement rut. I would check and see what everyone else was doing rather than letting my own ideas come through.

I ignored my intuition until I couldn't any longer.

I kept getting the same message over and over and over again.

Build a spiritually based business . Be a healer. TEACH . 

It came through dreams, meditations, people, and so on.

I was scared. I knew that was my path buttt I also knew following it would mean 3 things…

  1. People would see me. [the horror!]
  2. There would be massive healing to do. [oh boy.]
  3. My life would change. [eeeek!]

[insert old me running away from all of this and creating a stereotypical branding biz for 2 years]

As I healed myself my business grew.

The healing work allowed me to get clearer on my message.

As I accepted myself, I accepted my gifts.

Healing was my game changer – it was my transformational shift.

I AM here to crack you open.

I AM here to activate your light.

I AM  here to be a catalyst for your change.

Magic . Alchemy . Transformation.

Scorpio Sun > Taurus Rising > Aries Moon.

It all begins with you and your energy, babe.

My soul’s purpose to help YOU get clear on your message, to claim your gifts. To heal and transform on a deep cellular level. To be abundantly you. To tap into your prosperity potential. And most of all. BE HAPPY.

That is where my I AM work stems from.

It’s about claiming your purpose, stepping into your power, and honoring yourself first and foremost.

THAT is the change.

That is where the magic happens.

YOU, Light Leader, are here for a reason. Your intuition guided you to me – to my digital home.


It is an honor to be your guide on this cosmic journey.

In case you were wondering...

I’m a…

  • AADP Certified Kundalini Lifestyle Consultant
  • Spirit Junkie Masterclass Level 1 Graduate
  • USUI Reiki Master
  • Integrated Energy Therapy Master Practitioner
  • Certified Angel Card Reader


Multiple continuing education classes and training focusing on Kundalini Yoga & Meditation, Energy Healing, Personal Development, Astrology, and Intuitive Development.


I earned my B.S in Advertising & Marketing Communications from the Fashion Institute of Technology.

  • Deans List
  • Magna Cum Laude

Oh and…

  • Sun sign: Scorpio
  • Moon sign: Aries
  • Rising sign: Taurus
  • Life number: 6
  • Element: FIRE!
  • Spirit Animal: Wolf, Fox, White Pegasus
  • Crystal: Anything Quartz [current is smokey]
  • Essential Oil: Peppermint [currently]
  • Shape: TRIANGLES!
  • Flower: Rose [duh]

If you’re still reading this…

  • My fiance’s name is Chris – we’ve been together since we were 16 #TrueLove.
  • My dog Layla is my L I F E. You’ve probably seen her if you follow me on insta’.
  • My love language is quality time.
  • I love being on the beach or hiking in the trails.
  • Pizza is my favorite food group.

I believe in transparency. If you have a question about me or my work click the button below to connect.

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