The Soulpreneurs Guide To Building a Spiritual Business

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Welcome to Lesson 7 – Sacred Channel. This is the last lesson of the course, next week is community sharing! During this lesson you will become a channel for your business. Everything will become streamlined and cohesive. You will feel more powerful and in-tune than ever before.

I’m so psyched for you.

This is IT babe. Are you ready?!

Lesson 7 – Sacred Channel

How to become one with your brand.

In this lesson you will learn how to develop your psychic skill-set, channel your brand’s energy, and become an energetic match for your business.



Your Crown Chakra acts as a portal for your soul. When this area is imbalanced there’s a sense of disconnection with your purpose. A feeling of not knowing where you need to go and who you need to be. You feel lost, scattered, and lonely. You see through the eyes of the ego vs. the eyes of your soul.

When awakened there is a deep sense of just “knowing”. Similar to our third eye, our crown allows us to connect with our sacred team of business angels. In business our Crown chakra represents our ability to connect with our team of business angels. With this divine connection we are able to create cohesion within our brand.



Archangel Metatron is a powerful soul healer. Similar to Raphael, Metatron has the ability to heal. He helps us to open our chakras and clear our energetic body. He does this through sacred geometry. When your chakras are clear you will have an enhanced intuition.



“My intuition is flawless”

“I am a stream of creative ideas”

“I know exactly what I need to do”

“I deserve to be successful”

“I have the power to change the world”

“I listen to my souls inner voice”

“I am one with my business”

“I live my brand”

“My brand fuels me”

“I am the creative power behind my business”

Action List

  1. Connect to your business angels
    1. Make it part of your day to connect with them
      1. Set an intention before you sit down to work to connect
      2. Notice how your day shifts or what ideas you have
  2. Embody Your Brand
    1. Your brand is a direct extension of you
      1. What areas are you lacking in
      2. What areas are off-balance
  3. Develop your brand blueprint
    1. Connect with your team of angels are write out your blueprint
      1. Where do you need to go
      2. What do you need to create
      3. Where are you out of alignment
      4. How can you ascend higher
  4. Choose your CLAIR
    1. Who will you receive information?
      1. clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and claircognizance.
  5. Be willing to see things differently
    1. Go through your business again
      1. What must you change
      2. What must you add
    2. See where you can grow

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