The Soulpreneurs Guide To Building a Spiritual Business

Well, Hello Beautiful!

I’m so psyched you’re here.

Congratulations on investing in yourself and telling the Universe you are ready to UP-LEVEL your business + life.

Lesson 1 was alllll about the money and our Root Chakra. In this Lesson you will learn how to tune into the flow of your business.

When we are in the flow of our brand everything falls into place.

I will teach you how to tap into your creativity, hone your unique skill-set, and create a brand that is the embodiment of who you ARE.

Ready, sisters?



Lesson 1 – Sacred Design

Capturing your energy through colors, content, and design.

In this lesson I will teach you how to step into your authentic power. You’ll learn how to uncover your identity and allow your truest self to shine through. Get ready to beautify your brand.




Next up is our Sacral Chakra. Also known as Svadhisthana or our 2nd Chakra located in the pelvic area in between our root chakra and our belly button. This area represents our pleasure center, sexuality, and creativity.

Our Sacral Chakra allows us to transform, experience, and be in the moment. This is where we F E E L. When balanced, we are in the flow of our life and straight up feel sexy. In business, our Sacral Chakra represents our creativity and our ability to CREATE packages/services.




Archangel Jophiel is the Archangel of beauty. She assists us to radiate from the inside out through mindset shifts and radical empowerment.

Her mission is to bring all aspects of beauty to the world. She is the embodiment of feminine energy. She helps us to create a beautiful work environment that is conducive and allows us to step up + serve!

Call upon AA Jophiel whenever you need to shift your mindset or purchase your power outfit 😉 She is your home-girl and wants you to feel beautiful , strong, and powerful wherever you are.



“I am in the flow of my business”

“I am open to a massive creative download”

“I am creating a cohesive brand”

“It is safe for me to be seen”

“People recognize my brand and love it”

“I love my brand.”

“I am in alignment with me brand”

“The services I offer are life-changing”

“I attract in clients who serve my highest good”

Action List

  1. Sacred Service
    • How can you change your clients or customers lives?
    • What do you REALLY want to create for them?
      • Drop the comparison
      • Create packages, services, and products that you LOVE
      • Your services should MOVE you.
        • if they don’t – CHANGE them.
  2. Your Design Code
    • We each have our own vibration and frequency
      • What shape or symbol represents this for you?
        • Use this to CALL IN your clients
  3. Feeling the Flow
    • You should LOVE your brand
      • Style your brand according to you and YOUR energy
        • not what you’re “supposed” to do
        • What colors excite you?
        • What fonts make you want to read more?
          • Choose THESE!
  4. Authentic Branding
    • Create a business that feels good for YOU
    • Embody your brand.
      • Your colors
      • Your fonts
      • Your packages
    • Your Energy = Your Brand
      • Attract clients that serve your soul
    • Know your worth

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