The Soulpreneurs Guide To Building a Spiritual Business

Well, Hello Beautiful!

I’m so psyched you’re here.

Congratulations on investing in yourself and telling the Universe you are ready to UP-LEVEL your business + life.

Be prepared for things to start to shift for you.

Really, Really good things.

I can’t wait to help you bust through your business blocks + teach you how to build a successful, spiritual business.

Let’s get started, shall we?


Lesson 3 – Sacred Power

How to step into your Authentic Power and Share your Gifts ON LINE!

In this lesson you will learn how to set client boundaries, raise your vibration to match your target market, optimize your Social Media, and write a compelling “About” page.



The next energy center we’ll be working with is our Solar Plexus. Also known as Manipura or our 3rd chakra. It is located in-between our navel and our chest. Our largest chakra holds our identity, personality, personal power and confidence.

Once we are able to unlock this area we become a magnet to our clients. We speak to them in a way they’ll understand and connect with them on a deep emotional level. Remember, each chakra is energetically connected so our root and sacral must be in balance first in order to reap the rewards of a balanced Solar Plexus.

In business, our Solar Plexus represents our Brand Voice. Our brand voice holds our identity – it’s who we truly are. When balanced, we are content creating machines! How awesome would it feel to sit down and post on Facebook or in a Group without fear or judgement of yourself. And better yet, wouldn’t it feel nice to look at your website and say “Wow, that’s so me”.



They way I view Archangel Uriel is the “nerd” of the Archangels. He is wickedly intelligent and casts a beautiful golden light on our darker thoughts. You can call upon him to unlock your inner wisdom or to shift your perspective from negative to positive. He’s also useful when you need to make a decision which can come in handy with your business!



“I am powerful beyond belief”

“I am no longer hiding who I truly am”

“I am a divine vessel for love”

“The world needs my authentic voice”

“I deserve to be heard”

“I am not afraid of my power”

“When I show people who I truly am I attract in those who serve my highest good”

“I am a client magnet”

Action List

  1. Broadcast to the Universe
    • How do you want people to hear you?
    • Discover the real you
      • Develop your brand voice
      • What are your key-words
      • What vibe to you want your voice to hold?
  2. Step into your power
    • Get confident speaking to your clients
    • Know them on a deep level
      • Why do they need you?
      • How can you serve?
    • Know this. FEEL this.
  3. Be Authentic Online
    • What vibe do you want to put out?
    • What energy do you want to infuse with your messages?
    • How do you want your client to feel when s/he reads your posts?
  4. Optimize Your Social Media
    • How often do you want to share?
    • Where do you want to be?
    • How do you want to engage?
    • Focus on what people NEED to hear from you vs. feeling like you HAVE to post everyday
      • People need your voice, sister!!!

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