The Soulpreneurs Guide To Building a Spiritual Business

HEY HEY Beautiful!!

We are just hitting the half-way mark. Take some time to tune-in and notice the massive shifts that have occurred for you already. Our Heart Chakra is the first chakra where we finally get to put our work in motion. The bottom three that we previous worked on represent all of the foundation building. Once you hit your HEART it is all up hill form there.

Lesson 4 – Sacred Service

Creating a heart-centered opt-in.

In this lesson you will learn how to be a service worker in your business + use this sacred tool to earn massively.




Our Heart Chakra; The place of self-love, compassion, and joy. Also known as Anahata or our 4th Chakra. This energy center stores all of our beauty, our radiance.

As soulpreneurs many of you will find this area imbalanced. We tend to give too much (whether we realize it or not) and often aren’t good at receiving. This stems from feelings of unworthiness and not knowing our value. When balanced we radiate and uplift those around us.

Sounds beautiful, doesn’t it?



Archangel Raphael is the Archangel of healing. Through his love and energy he enables us to tap into our own healing power. We utilize his strengths to uplift our energy and heal our heart chakra so we can share our gifts with the world.



“I am a powerful service worker”

“My branding attracts clients that serve my highest good”

“I am loved by all of my clients”

“I am in love the work that I put out into the world”

“I am unapologetic about my services/products”

“I set clear boundaries with my clients”

“My email list expands daily”


Action List

  1. Notice your imbalances.
    • Where are you putting out more than you are receiving?
    • Get to the root of this
      • Where is it stemming from?
      • Why are you over-giving?
  2. Stand behind your services
    • Fall in love with what you’re putting out into the world
    • Create a way for future clients to connect with you that FEELS good
  3. Drop the comparison
    • Create an offer or a “freebie” that is a direct reflection of you and your business
      • Create something innovative
      • A piece of you that they can connect with and want more
      • Something that will move the masses
  4. Client Calls
    • What do you want to accomplish from them?
      • Write out a bulleted list of your call
        • What do you want to accomplish?
        • Length of time?
        • Education points to touch upon
        • A story/testimonial to share
        • Get clear on your mission for the call
        • Focus on your boundaries

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