The Soulpreneurs Guide To Building a Spiritual Business

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Kudos. This is *so* major for your business. Lesson 5 is all about your THROAT chakra.

Get ready to clear out the old and step into your [vocal] power.

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Lesson 5 – Sacred Voice

How to bust through your throat chakra and allow the world to hear you.

In this lesson you will learn how to share your message with this world. This is about becoming your own Publicist! Get ready to see your name in lights.



The next energy center we’ll be working with is our THROAT Chakra. Also known as Visuddha or our 5th chakra. Although all of our chakras are “spiritual” our throat chakra is the beginning of our spiritual ladder in a sense.

Our throat chakra represents our voice, our truth, and our ability to communicate with others. If you suffer from sore throats, stiff necks, or headaches this is a sign that your throat chakra is imbalanced. Think of your throat as the connector between your lower chakras (root, sacral, solar plexus, and heart) and your higher chakras (3rd eye and crown). When our lower chakras are imbalanced that energy can rise up and get stuck in our throats. You may have noticed how our previous chakra work all related to speaking in some way.



Archangel Gabriel is the archangel on communication. He helps us to merge with the divine and be a channel of love and light. Whenever you feel nervous, need to speak to a client, or have to stand up for yourself call upon him to assist you. He will be there in an instant! When you’re ready, you can ask him to speak through you. That way any fear or anxiety you have will be immediately washed away!



“My voice deserves to be heard”

“I am ready to share my voice with the world”

“I communicate with compassion”

“People listen to me when I speak”

“I am a divine vessel of love and communication”

“People understand me when I speak”

“I can communicate clearly”


Action List

  1. Get CLEAR on your mission
    • Who are you?
    • What do you do?
    • Why do you do it?
  2. Step up and SERVE
    • Share your gifts with the world
      1. What is your true mission?
      2. Hone your unique gifts
  3. Compassionate Communication
    • Identify your vocal blockages
      1. What are you afraid to share?
      2. What’s the worst that can happen if you share your mission?
      3. What’s blocking you from sharing on social media?
  4. Be Your Own Publicist
    • What do you want to share?
      1. Is it a course?
      2. New packages?
      3. A huge shift that occurred for you?
    • Why do people need to know?
      1. What will it do for them
    • Where can you share this?
      1. Bloggers
      2. Media
      3. Podcasting
      4. TV

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