Over the past year I’ve been working on saying NO.

Many times I’d say YES to people when deep down I wanted to say no.
[perks of being the Angel Archetype, am i right?]

I found myself

> taking on clients I knew weren’t the right fit
> going over on sessions… like a lot
> giving WAY too much

… and saying I’d do things that I really didn’t want to do
such as:

> extra design revisions
> extra phone calls
> answering emails at 2am
> staying late at a workshop

I did all this because I thought I needed to do this for people to like me.


But that was my conditioning.
That’s what I thought I needed to do to succeed.

To give and give
To say YES
To do what anyone wanted me to do just because I could do it, NOT because I actually wanted to do it.

Shit just got real, huh?

I wanted my clients to love me.
I thought by over giving and saying YES all the time they’d respect me.

Sound familiar?

What it resulted in was 

– me being frustrated and resenting my clients
– working with people I knew weren’t a good fit
– feeling burnt out and drained

and guess what

people didn’t respect me
they ABUSED my time

and over
and over again

I let them do this.
I thought that was what my value was

I didn’t see my own light
I allowed it to be dimmed and overshadowed by trying to help others before myself

are you nodding and agreeing you?
I know you are, sister.

This past year I’ve worked intimately with a variety of energy modalities.

I allowed myself to go deep and say, “Why the fuck am I doing this?” and “How can I change this pattern?”.

I showed up for myself.
I set boundaries and said NO.
I took days off.
I charged people for the services I gave them instead of saying “No, that’s ok”

Like think about that.
I was literally repelling money.
Telling people “no you don’t have to pay me” is telling the Universe you don’t want it.
You don’t think you deserve it.

It lowers your vibration.
Lower vibes = low cash flow

And honestly.
It’s not about the money.

It’s about how you feel.

I felt like shit.
I wasn’t moved by my work.
I felt like a slave to it.

I knew I had to surrender and do the healing work.
No amount of marketing, design, or promotion would save me.

I had to say YES to myself first before anyone else.

I’m sharing this with you today because over the past month this is the ONLY topic I’ve been seeing come my way.

People not realizing their worth.
People not showing up for their divine purpose.
People allowing their energy to be abused.


Today I felt that inner nudge to share this so you know you’re not alone.

Today take note of how you’ve been neglecting that inner voice.
Once you start paying attention to her she’ll get stronger and louder.

And before you know it everything will flow.

> the clients
> the money
> the ideas

You got this, sister.
I’m rooting for you. 


How have you been saying NO to yourself lately and YES to others?

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