Lately I’ve been working on the energy side of my business and sharing it with my clients.
And it got me thinking…

Have you ever thought about the energetic pattern of your business?

Wait. WHAT?
Have you heard about this?

Did you ever realize that the health of your business is a direct reflection of your own energy?!
Crazy, right?

Your business can only be as successful as how energetically in alignment you are with it. Let me break it down: > Have you ever launched a course/product/service and

a) hired an amazing coach b) had the best sales page c) had the most beautiful website


d) the course/product/service was a complete flop? OR it didn’t bring in as much $$$ as you planned on

we’ve all been there so don’t let your ego rule the show and say “oh shit. You should have KILLED that launch. What did YOU did wrong?”

You didn’t do anything wrong.
In fact you probably did everything RIGHT.

No amount of branding, coaching, marketing, sales funneling, or copywriting can save you when your energy is imbalanced OR you’re launching at the wrong time for your energetic pattern.

For real.

It’s all about your energy.

If you have a blockage or fear with money, receiving, sharing your voice well, hell…

How are you supposed to connect with your dream client?
Share that powerful post of Facebook?
Create a gnarly Insta’ story?

You can’t.
Because you’ll always have that fear of not being enough
or you’ll think “Who am I to share this/say this?”


when you do get the client on the phone
you know the super perfect one that you’ve been dying to attract

She’ll probably ghost you or say she doesn’t have the money right now.

Because your energy is blocking you from thriving
It’s holding you back
It’s causing you to stay stuck

To create, and create, and create
and hire the coach, the marketer, the designer

yet nothing ever really takes off
or when it does…

> you feel drained
> unhappy

instead of
> pure fucking joy

I mean, sister, did you really start your soul-based biz to be STRUGGLING? to be UNHAPPY?

hell-fucking-no you didn’t.

You were meant to thrive.
You were meant to cultivate your power posse
To land the book deal
To have 5 figure months.
[did that scare some of you?!]

For real.

You were meant to have 5 figure months.

Yes, YOU.
I’m looking right at you.

You’re a fierce lightworker who NEEDS to share her gifts with the world and make massive money doing it.

Heal your business, Heal your life.

I don’t believe in hiring all of the fancy courses, high-end coaches, and all that fluff because it isn’t real.
Don’t buy into the fear of having to take someone’s course because THEY became a millionaire.

You don’t need that.
That person isn’t YOU.
That don’t have your story.
They don’t have your path.

Invest in healing YOU.
Invest in the coach that will GUIDE you.
Invest in the course that will OPEN you up.

Feels much better, right?

Once I built my business off of my energy vs. what I was “trained” to do from my B.S in Advertising & Marketing Communications….

Shit got super real.

Like OMG how is this happening so quickly real

It feels good.
Life is good.
Energy is good.
Business is [real fucking] good.

I want this for you too.
I know you’re ready.
And deep down you might be a little scared
but that’s ok.

Fear is the direction you need to lean on.
It’s where the growth is.

Notice what your soul is saying to you.
Maybe it’s to change your business name
Create a new package
Hire a new coach

whatever it might be.


Love YOU. [for reals].

I love worked with soul-based women who are ready to heal their business and life. I merge energy alchemy with business mindset tools to create a business beyond your dreams. Let’s see if we’re the perfect 🙂
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I love worked with soul-based women who are ready to heal their business and life. I merge energy alchemy with business mindset tools to create a business beyond your dreams. Let’s see if we’re the perfect 🙂

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