I’ve been noticing a reoccurring theme lately for my clients that USED to be a major issue for me.

[this is a long read that you will WANT to read till the end. pinky swear.]

sound familiar?

let’s set the scenario…

You create your discovery call.
Setup your scheduler.
Post in Facebook Groups about your awesome services
Send out some juicy emails.
You wait….
And then POOF.

People schedule for a free 15 minute call with you.

You get on the call.
[nerves are flowing because you so f*cking excited to chat]

And you think to yourself…
“This person is my DREAM client”
[hey, hey heyyyyy.]

But then…
You have to talk about YOU.
[dun dun dun]

And your ego is all like…

“What package do I offer then”
“What pricing do I give”
“Can they afford me”
“Maybe I should discount it. They seem nice and I want to work with them”

or even better…

“Maybe I should give them even MORE free stuff to get them to book”.

[this sounds so familiar its like I’m in your brain, right?]

Unfortunately EVEN if that person says they LOVE your packages….

They don’t book.
You don’t hear from them.
And you feel icky following up with them ASKING for payment.
Wondering when they’re going to schedule.
and wondering WHEN you’ll actually hear back from them.

Oh, sister I SOOO FEEL you.

This was my story not too long ago.

There is NO amount of consulting, coaching, or design that can CHANGE your energy.


Your energy is YOUR ENERGY.

  • A cool ass website won’t change that.
  • Gnarly soul-thriving packages won’t change that.

a 6-figure COACH definitely won’t change that.

Here’s what happened to me when I focused on my energy [my inner alchemy] vs. the outer ME [my web presence + package development].

Shit got really fucking good.
[scuse my language but it is THAT serious]

In the past 6 months I’ve….

> Launched my first course that resulted in a 5-figure pay day for me [what,what!]
> Bought my dream car – a gorgeous white [sup angels] Mercedes Benz
> Moved into a beautiful new home
> Making $1K Day is the norm

And the best part…

I feel good.
My business feels good.
And my clients are everything I could have dreamed of.

Now this ALL happened NOT because of my pretty website.
It happened because of my energy.

I focused on what was BLOCKING me from

> sharing my voice
> pricing my services
> attracting my dream clients
> making mooolah

and basically anything that was stopping me from doing the damn thing.

It was HARD.
I had to face some stuff

but at the end of the day I’m exactly where I need to be.

And I want that for you…

BOY. Do I want that for you.

The feeling you get what you are in alignment with your brand is indescribable.

You feel magical.
You feel RIGHT [if that makes sense].

Here’s How I did it:

I didn’t follow ANY rules.
I created a brand according to my energy.

Now I know that’s a buzz word nowadays but listen to me…

I focused on me.
My rising sign, my sun sign, my moon sign.
My element.

And how THAT effects my business.

I curated meditations and energy clearings according to what was LACKING in my energy.

I got to know myself reaaaaal good.

And BAM.
It clicked.
Everything fell into place.

I want that for you too, sister.

So I created something for you.

a 90 Minute Deep Dive session.
Just me and you.
Analyzing your energy.
Going over your personal astrology
Going over your Chinese Element and how that effects your business

It’s all about YOU, sister.
Your business should reflect that.

In this session I’ll also teach you a curated kundalini kriya to amplify your energy and balance out your elements.

You will feel so fucking good.

Want that?

ONE PAYMENT of $444 includes…
> A PDF of your Astrological and Element Analysis PLUS your customized Kundalini Kriya
> AND a 90 Minute RECORDED Deep Dive Zoom Session

BUY NOW >>> 

I believe in you.

Love YOU.

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