So lately I’ve been feeling burnt out.
Like I fell out of love with my business.

I spent way too much time in my pjs.
Didn’t shower until late afternoon.
And couldn’t wait until BOGO night at Carvel.
(sound familiar?)

I literally rotated from leggings to pjs to leggings again.

Then it hit me.
Brianna, you’re depressed.
I’ve been here before but never while I was self-employed.

To me living my soulful spiritual life meant happiness.
Yes, there were healings, energy releasing, and of course the Mercury Retrograde blues buttttt.

I always thought things would be good.

Until I lost myself in my business.
I got so caught up in trying to do it all that I wasn’t doing it

Know what I’m sayin’?

I’m the type of person (and you probably are too) who’s scrappy. I have New York blood.
I can get through anything.
I can freakin’ do anything.

But do I have to?
Do I have to do

Hell no.

I got so caught up being the assistant, being the project manager, being the online strategist…. that I lost my mojo.

I wasn’t feeling the urge the create.
I already had so many ideas on various post it notes throughout my house (shh.) that just weren’t getting done.

My business was (and is!) growing exponentially but I wasn’t happy.

Until I made a big decision to let the reigns go and HIRE some cool ass woman to support my vision, help me, and in the long run, help my clients.

I am so incredibly excited.

I feel that FIRE back.
That piece of me that’s like “Hell yeah keep going. You got this”.
That piece of me that wants to stay up all night creating.

The reason why I’m sharing this with you on a Friday afternoon (East Coast Time!) is because I think you might be feeling this way too.

Sometimes you can do all the meditation and healing you want and things won’t shift.

You have to be proactive and show the Universe WHAT you want.

You got this, sister.

Go forward.
Make your dreams happen.

I got you <3

If you read this long (I love you!).

To honor my growth ALL of my services are 50% off until the end of the night.


Doin’ big things.

The packages won’t be here by the end of June.

Me and my team are creating some cool ass shit for you. 😉

I can’t wait.

(That includes DESIGN, HEALING, and CONSULTING).

Big Big Love To You,

B. Rose

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